Student Council

Washington High School Student Council

Washington Student Council is a representation of the student body composed of students who organize and promote social and extracurricular activities while promoting Blue Jay Pride.

WHS STUCO 2019-20
Washington High School Student Council 2019-20

Washington High School Leadership

Washington High School’s Leadership Class is busy planning and hosting various activities and events for the 2020-21 school year.

WHS Leadership students are Student Council members who serve as the committee chairs for STUCO events such as assemblies, Homecoming, Dig for a Difference, Courtwarming, Mr. WHS, the Jordan Scheer Children’s Relay for Life, and many more.

The Leadership advisors are Allison Graves and Samantha Loepker.

This year’s Leadership Officers are:

Grace Bryson (President)

Emma Duncan (Vice President)

Abbie Dewert (Treasurer)

Josie Obermark (Secretary)

Olivia Boehmer (Spirit Commissioner)

Molly Tinkey (Public Relations Officer)

Other Leadership students are ...

STUCO Officers
Student Council Officers 2020-21
From left are are Josie Obermark (Secretary), Grace Bryson (President), Abbie Dewert (Treasurer) and Emma Duncan (Vice President). Not pictured are Olivia Boehmer (Spirit Commissioner) and Molly Tinkey (Public Relations Officer).

See the photos below of the 2019-20 WHS Leadership students.

WHS Leadership Class

WHS Leadership Students
Pictured are 2019-20 Washington High School Leadership students. Front row, from left, are Megan Duncan, Tailer Young, Alexa Bell, Emily Hahne, Abby Neely and Faith Davis. Middle row, from left, are Elise Pruett, Grace Bryson, Josie Obermark, Emma Duncan, Elise Thierbach and Matt Amlong. Back row, from left, are Jeremiah Broadbent, Cameron McElhaney, Abbie Dewert, Drew Post, Madison Kleekamp and Caleb McDaniel.

WHS Leadership Officers

WHS Leadership Officers
Pictured are 2019-20 Washington High School Leadership Officers. Front row, from left are Emily Hahne (Spirit Commissioner), Alexa Bell (President) and Abby Neely (Treasurer). Back row, from left, are Cameron McElhaney (Vice President) and Matt Amlong (Secretary).