Testing Descriptions

Testing Descriptions

ACT and SAT: College entrance exams. All students planning to attend college should take either the ACT or the SAT. Students should check with their counselor and/or college they plan to attend to determine which exam is needed. The ACT is given at Washington High School on designated testing dates. The SAT is not given at Washington High School. If students opt to take the SAT, they will need to take the test at one of the St. Louis area high schools where the test is administered.

PSAT: The PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. The PSAT is given to any Junior who preregisters to take the test. The test is optional and students who are ranked in the top 15-20 percent of their class are highly encouraged to take the exam.

PreACT: The PreACT test is a practice ACT test to help provide students with a sense of what it will be like to take the actual ACT. The test is open to any sophomore who preregisters for the test. Testing will take place during second semester. Check the announcements for more details.

ASVAB: This vocational skills aptitude test is given to all sophomores. There is no cost to students for this exam. Results are used to help students determine a career path that might be of interest to them.

End of Course Testing : Certain EOC tests are required test for all Missouri Public Schools. The test measures student achievement with the results providing important information about our students and district to local educators and to state officials. Student attendance during this testing period is essential.

Please contact the Counseling Office for more information.