Student Services

Student Services Department

In order to enroll in the classes listed below, the student's schedule must be approved by his/her special services case manager. Enrollment in these courses is based upon the needs of the student as determined by the student's Inpidualized Education Program (IEP). These courses are repsentative, not all inclusive, of the courses offered through the Student Services Department.

Note: Special Services students will be registered for appropriate academic courses based on the IEP. IEP students may be placed in a courses with Co-Teachers. A Co-Teacher course is indicative of a course in which two teachers (traditional subject based teacher and special education certificated teacher) share responsibility for the course. Academic course options include all courses available through the other departments listed in the course book. Based on the IEP, students who are designated as needing a CT course, should (under the advisement of the case manager) enroll in the courses using the following course numbers:

CT0130 - English I
CT0131 - English II
CT0132 - English III
CT0141 - Senior Communications
CT0142 - Senior Writing
CT0204 - World History
CT0205 - American History

CT0230 - World Studies
CT0303 - Algebra I
CT0313 - Geometry Concepts
CT0316 - Algebra II Concepts

CT0322 - Algebra IA
CT0323 - Algebra IB

CT0401 - Physical Science
CT0404 - Applied Biology
CT0405 - Applied Chemistry
CT0407 - Biology
CT0408 - Biology II

Click here for courses offered by the Special Services Department in which only special services students are enrolled.

Click here to download and print the 2024-25 WHS Course Description Book