Renaissance Awards

Washington High School Announces 2019-20 Renaissance Teacher Awards

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Renaissance is a national program we use at Washington High School to promote student achievement, attendance, character, and Blue Jay Spirit. At the end of year, we traditionally have an assembly to celebrate our students.

One of the recognitions are the individual faculty member awards which are presented to students. Each faculty member selects one student to be recognized. Criteria for this award can include academic achievement, improvement, character, citizenship, school spirit, attendance or any other criterion the faculty member deems important.

Due to the current situation, we are unable to hold our traditional assembly. However, our faculty still would like to recognize our outstanding Blue Jays. Below is the list of students who were selected to be honored by our faculty/staff. Please watch the video for more details to see the faculty member that selected the student and the description of why their student was selected.

Carter Beaver
Lily Brickel
Isabella Fitzgerald
Madeline Grimes
Claire Nappier
Quentin Parker
Katelyn Rice
Jessie Tovo
Emma Wheeler
Leah Wheeler
Allison Willming

Kelton Barron
Jaclyn Brinkmann
Summer Felton
Ashley Gupton
Dante Johnson
Taylor Kahn
Ava Kelly
Gabby Kjellberg
William Lingle
Tyler Macalady
Ty Sterling Love
Jessica Voss
Jadyn Whittall

Levi Brautigam
Kayla Canania
Spencer Coates
Kendall DeGuzman
Lauren Donaldson
Chandler Donovan
Kayla Hellebusch
Kayla Kolmer
Kassidy Korte
Taylor Lamkin
Feng Li
Nicole Luko
Alexandra Maire
Caroline Miller
Julia Peters
Timofei Rhodes
Tres Stirrat
Jacob Trentmann
Austin Wagner

Hannah Belcher
Alexa Bell
Cade Brautigam
Lucas Brinkmann
Audrey Bush
August Campbell
Elizabeth Derner
Megan Duncan
Nicholas Fleming
Blane Forbes
Emily Hahne
Mia Harting
James Johnson
Savannah Jordan
Eric Lakey
Mason Metz
Christian Meyer
Lillian Neely
Hannah Nevills
Elise Pruett
Willa Reust
Brooke Reynolds
Debora Rusu
Maria Ruth
Morgan Sprehe
Eli Sullentrup
Elise Thierbach
Abbie Vollmer
Chloe Weiss
Christian Wheeler
Jacob Williams
Lucas Wyatt

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Sophomore Awards Video

Junior Awards Video

Senior Awards Video