Holland Code

In an effort to make sure that we can best support students exploration of career pathways and opportunities, Washington High School employs the use of Holland Codes through our Naviance Career Exploration Program.

Holland Code

The term Holland Code refers to a a combination of six personality types that were developed by John Holland. The six personality types are Realistic (R), Investigative (I), Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E) and Conventional (C). The theory stems from the ability to match career types to your personality types. A student's Holland Code is then developed based on the RAISEC combination of three letters.

Through Naviance, our students have been able to complete the Career Interest Profiler and attain a Holland, or RAISEC, Code that then pairs them with jobs and career options that best fit the information they have provided. Students are able to work with their school counselor to retake the quiz as they grow during their high school career. We strive to make sure we can help the have the most accurate results to align with their post-secondary plans.

Below is an image of how the personality types align with job and career types: