Frequently Asked Questions

When can I see my counselor?
Your counselor is always available for crisis situations; however, if it is not an emergency, please make an appointment during your free period, before or after school.

How can I reach my counselor?
Appointments can be made by coming to the Counseling Office and checking in with Durae about your counselors availability. Parents, please call us at (636) 231-2170 to make an appointment.

Where can I get a copy of my schedule?
On the first day of school, student ambassadors will be in the commons with extra copies of your schedule. If your schedule is incorrect, visit the Counseling Office during your free period.

Where can I find more information about colleges?
More information regarding colleges and universities can be found on Naviance Family Connection.

What is Washington High School's ACT School code?
Our ACT School code is 263537.

What do I ask my counselor?
Anything you like! We are here to serve our students!