Staff Directory

Washington High School Email Directory 2023-24

Phone: 636-231-2200

Dr. Eric Turner, Principal, [email protected]

Mary Kleekamp, Assistant Principal, [email protected]

Shawn Wallace, Assistant Principal, [email protected]

Ben Strauser, Assistant Principal, [email protected]

Bill Deckelman, Activities Director, [email protected]

Dr. Joe Dierks, Director of Choice Programs, [email protected]

Lea Hasenjaeger, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]

Crystal Buhr, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]

Rachel Hart, Welcome Center, [email protected]

Michelle Holtmeyer, Welcome Center, [email protected]

Julie Holdmeier, Activities Secretary, [email protected]

Cindy DeLargy, Nurse, [email protected]

Megan Smith, Nurse, [email protected]

Greg Garrett, School Resource Officer, [email protected]

Amy Dresser, Registrar, [email protected]

Bradley Kuntzman, Counselor, [email protected]

Manuela Schmitt, Counselor, [email protected]

Makenzie Ellis, Counselor, [email protected]

Katie Sandoval, Counselor, [email protected]

Theresa McGowan, Post-Secondary Advisor, [email protected]

Lindsey Jasper, Social Worker, [email protected]

Kathy Emmert, Service Worker, [email protected]

Ann Loesing, Library Media Specialist, [email protected]

Kathy Haddox, Help Desk/Library, [email protected]

Senior Chief Nathan Hernandez, Naval JROTC, [email protected]

Colin Flynn, Language Arts, [email protected]

Lauren Wiegmann, Language Arts, [email protected]

Kerry Holtmeier, Language Arts, [email protected]

Erika Robertson, Language Arts, [email protected]

Melissa Schulze, Language Arts, [email protected]

Ryan Leatherman, Language Arts, [email protected]

Christian Frank, Language Arts, [email protected]

Jared Rennick, Language Arts, [email protected]

Hollie Martin, Language Arts, [email protected]

Anne Stahl, English Language Learners, [email protected]

Melissa Meza, Spanish, [email protected]

Ryan Brennan, Spanish, [email protected]

Jennifer Gamez, Spanish, [email protected]

Sarah Riley, French, [email protected]

Sarah Johnson, German, [email protected]

Erin Gough, Business, [email protected]

Jaden Heien, Business, [email protected]

Ted Stahl, Business, [email protected]

Allison Chaney, Social Studies, [email protected]

Chris Lanemann, Social Studies, [email protected]

Josh Ohm, Social Studies, [email protected]

Ken Salsman, Social Studies, [email protected]

Clint Schneider, Social Studies, [email protected]

Chris Vogt, Social Studies, [email protected]

James Cramer, Social Studies, [email protected]

Nathan Cabot, Social Studies, [email protected]

Amanda Kuntzman, Science, [email protected]

Amy Fecke, Science, [email protected]

Jessica Fitzgerald, Science, [email protected]

Alicia Midkiff, Science, [email protected]

Rebecca Ragle, Science, [email protected]

Rachel Wehmeyer, Science, [email protected]

Hannah Smith, Science, [email protected]

Parker Smith, Science, [email protected]

Krista Williams, PLTW Bio Medical, [email protected]

Melissa Mauchenheimer, Mathematics, [email protected]

Brian Dougherty, Mathematics, [email protected]

Brian Edler, Mathematics, [email protected]

Patrick Fogarty, Mathematics, [email protected]

Jaime Opfer, Mathematics, [email protected]

Tim Zumsteg, Mathematics, [email protected]

Kelly Gibson, Mathematics, [email protected]

Melanie Trentmann, Mathematics, [email protected]

Cameron Carey, Mathematics, [email protected]

Dane Gough, PLTW Engineering, [email protected]

Matt Kroeter, Physical Education, [email protected]

Kym Blankenship, Physical Education, [email protected]

Mike Olszowka, Physical Education, [email protected]

Scott Bray, Physical Education, [email protected]

Grant Young, Physical Education, [email protected]

Matt Klein, Physical Education, [email protected]

Jacob Bisaillon, Band, [email protected]

Madeline Watts, Band, [email protected]

Dr. Susie Thierbach, Orchestra, [email protected]

Meghan Brueggemann, Orchestra, [email protected]

Jessie Patterson, Vocal Music, [email protected]

Tony Pelsue, Music Piano Accompanist, [email protected]

Juli Schuster, Art, [email protected]

Ryan Snider, Art, [email protected]

Katie Borcherding, Art, [email protected]

Karen Fixsal, Family and Consumer Science, [email protected]

Kristen Perriman, Family and Consumer Science, [email protected]

Crystal Menke, Special Services, [email protected]

Teresa Hamlett, Special Services, [email protected]

Mikki Cohen, Special Services, [email protected]

Carrie Reina, Special Services,
[email protected]

Melissa Hoerstkamp, Special Services, [email protected]

Beth Hellebusch, Special Services, [email protected]

Michelle Claspill, Special Services, [email protected]

Kim Peterson, Special Services, [email protected]

Emily Stogsdill, Special Services, [email protected]

Samantha Caton, Special Services, [email protected]

Joselyn Hummel, Special Services, [email protected]

Jenn Jackson, Special Services, [email protected]

Angie Koepke, Special Services, [email protected]

Kim Saucier, Special Services, [email protected]

Lindsay Pittner, Special Services, [email protected]

Amanda Truetken, Special Services, [email protected]

Aron Hulsey, Industrial Arts, [email protected]

Chris Dunard, Agriculture, [email protected]

Tim Branson, No Excuses, [email protected]

Ann Bolzenius, Alternative Education, [email protected]

Sophia Orozco, The Nest, [email protected]

Jeff Beck, The Nest,
[email protected]

Brett Hoch, Missouri Options, [email protected]

Bill Lochmoeller, Alternative Education Para, [email protected]

Payton Sansom, Alternative Education, [email protected]

Molly Soete-Figas, Special Services Para, [email protected]

Meredith Gardner, Base Para, [email protected]

Elizabeth Woll, Special Services Para, [email protected]

Jill Warren, Special Services Para, [email protected]

Alison Fisher, Special Services Para, [email protected]

Chloe Zumsteg, In School Suspension, [email protected]